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What is NLP?

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This is a perennial question that people ask. This, in spite of the fact that NLP has been around since the 1970s. The challenge in understanding neurolinguistic programming is its vast area of applications. But, let me just for start out by talking about his most important value: modeling.

Over the last 20 years or so, I have been applying neurolinguistic programming in various different places. The ability for me to understand new areas of knowledge come from my extensive background in NLP. The fact is, without NLP, I would have been really slow in picking up these ideas. Now, even my students are leveraging NLP in order to create their own successes. This includes the ability to learn beyond what is presented. That, is a hallmark of modeling.

Whenever I approach someone to do a modeling project, I have to do a variety of things. First, I need to step into their model of the world. This takes quite a fair amount of effort considering that we are both different people. It means I need to step into the shoes, understand the way they make their decisions, and learn to predict what they might do under different situations. Second, I need to observe reactions and be able to take feedback as if I were them stop this makes me more effective in arriving at conclusions that may need me to make effective decisions based on an effective model. This ability to observe is the hallmark of almost any therapist, with the exception that NLP can help you to develop this in a really short span of time. Not just through your site, but also through your ability to listen to what is being said, utilizing patterns of linguistics. Third, I need to be able to create effective habits; ways of being that can allow me to continually practice and develop mastery of skill. Of course, I may not have the luxury of time to build 50 years of experience. However, if done properly, the right kinds of mental sequences can be rehearsed expertly within a much shorter span of time this is one of the most important aspects of neural he was sick programming – the ability to visualize accurately

The power of NLP comes in its ability for one to leverage it as a coaching or leadership device. In order for me to model, I need to take sensory input from the environment around me. It also means that I become better at reading others. In so doing, it will enhance my ability to interact and influence other people. This is where the linguistic aspect of NLP is really powerful. Beyond that, you also need to realize that human beings are neurological in their behavior. In other words a habit has been formed in this habit lets them do things unconsciously. If this is the ultimate potential of all human beings, in must also mean that they are adaptable to change. All it takes is a person well trained in NLP to observe the kinds of changes that are required, and set up the conditions for such changes to flow freely and easily.

If you wish to learn neurolinguistic programming, you might wonder if it takes a huge amount of time well, in reality many NLP trainers try to maximize the days of training in order to charge a higher fee. So, you might end up attending an 18 day or 21 day training so that you end up paying $8000 to $10,000. However, it’s not the number of days of training that make the biggest difference. If I had my way, and NLP practitioner program would last a lifetime. But that wouldn’t be practical. Neither would and 18 day training be practical. The fact is all the foundations, if taught properly, can be covered within 60 to 70 hours of direct contact with me. The rest, as they say, is up to you. You must learn to apply NLP effectively in your daily routines. The only way for you to do this is to become conscious of how to use NLP, and make NLP a part of your life. Just like heading to the gym, you build a better physique by being more regular in your workout routine. There’s no way you can cram a fitness routine into a matter of just 18 of 21 days. With six days, and having your own routine, you not only avoid the costs of unnecessary rambling, you also maintain balance so that you can make better use of your time, such as attending the master practitioner NLP program so that you can deepen your skill set as an NLP practitioner, and take the opportunity to advance to the next higher level instead.

For more information about NLP, feel free to contact me on my LinkedIn profile, and let’s have a chat either online or in person.

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